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By implementing a system that involves foundational movement and performance benchmarks accompanied by an intelligent and systematic method of measuring performance progress, we’ve created a workout that no longer focuses on aesthetics, but rather aesthetics become a by-product of performance.

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Brock Travis

Brock has over eleven years of Personal Training experience and holds certifications from NASM OPT, Cooper Training Institute, Kettlebell America, LVL 1, EXOS Performance Specialist, and Precise Nutrition. Over the years, he has worked in corporate gyms, helping them open and operate, until deciding to open VIVE with Jon McDowell in 2016.

Jon McDowell

Texas native, Jon graduated from University of Texas at Arlington and has been an elite trainer for over eight years. He is accredited through USAW, USATF LV1, ISSA, and holds his Nutrition Consultant and Fascial Stretch Therapist Certification. Currently, he’s one of the only trainers in Dallas Certified in Bioprint and Biosignature analysis.


Brock Boatman

Brock is a lifelong athlete who earned his BA in Exercise and Sports Sciences and Pre Physician’s Assistant from Texas Tech University.Brock views training as a necessity to living a high quality life and tailors his training style around this notion.  He is currently certified through American Council of Exercise, Precision Nutrition, Advanced Kettle Bell, Strength conditioning and Sports performance.

  • The best personal training experience I've ever had! The gym is stunning and state of that art. Science based training designed not only to make you look fit, but be fit. The best trainers in Dallas hands down!
    — John Hoel
  • Old Brock, Young Brock and Jon McDowell are hands down the best trainers in Dallas. If you are tired of changing your exercise regimen and getting very little results then these are the guys. I have followed them from Equinox to Vive and it has been the best move ever. These are honest and fair businessmen as well as very kind, knowledgeable and the best value for your buck.
    — Gary Guion
  • I had the most incredible and thorough consultation with Brock Travis and intiated an incredible program at this amazing facility. Finally, a center in Dallas has opened that offers specialized personal training and comprehensive wellness programs based on research, outcomes, and unsurpassed expertise. Jon and Brock are committed to helping me achieve my personal goals with a logical, well-explained and research-supported approach. Thanks again Brock!
    — Kathi Henion
  • Great trainers. Great atmosphere. Great equipment.
    — Greg Prosser
  • With Vive, Brock and John have created a fitness experience like none that I’ve ever seen. The facilities and equipment are all first class – everything you’d expect from a top notch fitness club. I’m getting the best training I’ve ever had.
    — Michael Brittian