An effective and popular alternative to private training, this option provides personalized coaching during workouts in groups of two-four people. Before you begin your session, meet with you personal trainer for a thirty minute personal assessment to examine your lifestyle and behaviors while setting performance goals. Some individuals find more benefit in their training through the built-in support system that the group atmosphere provides.


Standard Rate | $60 per hour


FMS (Functional Movement Screening) - Pinpoint your unique movement patterns to find deviations that may cause injuries in your future training. Re-establish correct and natural movement for both optimal fitness results and reduction of aches and pains.

4-Site Skinfold (Caliper) Test - Used to discover where you may be naturally holding on to pesky body fat. This measurement is used to track progress and customize workouts to address any undesirable areas.

VO2 Test - How well does your body consume oxygen? The data gathered from your test will help track progress in workout efficiency and be the benchmark to find the sweet spot in the intensity of your training session.

MYZone Heart Rate Monitors - Live feed monitoring of your workouts show your personal progress - we use this data to push past plateaus and reach your fitness goals.